Sometimes a child can be distressed or upset and have no words to explain or describe what is happening for them. As adults it can be very difficult to watch and we can struggle to know how to help.

Terapia can help.

We understand how to work with children to get beneath words using art, play, puppets and sand tray therapy.

We can help the child to make sense of their world and how they experience it, supporting them to feel happier and more able to enjoy their day to day activities at school.

Within our service we offer one to one psychotherapy and counselling sessions, group work and support for parents.

We are at the end of the phone to talk through what is happening and we will always work hard to find a way forward with you.

This might be by offering you a service with a Terapia child psychotherapist or counsellor, it could be that you need us to support you with a referral to another service like CAMHS. Our services are designed to be low cost.

Whatever is happening, there will be things that can be done to support you and the child.

For more information get in touch with us on:

020 8201 6101 or