Schools & Organisations

Terapia Schools service works in primary and secondary schools as well as other community organisations supporting children, young people, parents, carers and families in a safe and effective way to improve their emotional and mental health. We also have experience working in PRU’s, leaving care services and special support schools.

We use in-depth counselling skills and non-verbal techniques such as art, play, drama and music to enable young children to express themselves, work through difficulties, release anxiety and improve self-esteem.

We work with parents and teachers helping them to understand children’s behaviour, reduce conflict and increase connection. We are also able to advise on specialist referrals to CAMHS and other agencies.

 Benefits to children

  • Reduction of psychological distress
  • Enhanced well-being and self-confidence
  • Increase in friendships and peer relationships
  • Improved focus and behaviour in school
  • Calmer parent and teacher responses

 Benefits to teachers

  • Fewer behaviour difficulties in class
  • Expert advice when children show distressing behaviour
  • Staff wellbeing is supported by a reduction in class room stress

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