Senior Mental Health Lead Training

Senior Mental Health Lead Training

We have recently been selected as an official provider to deliver the DfE’s Senior Mental Health Lead training. This unique training course will help to develop the knowledge and skills for education settings to implement an effective whole school or college approach to positive mental health and wellbeing.

  • Develop specific leadership and management skills to inspire a healthy whole school approach towards mental health and wellbeing.
  • Become part of a network of change leaders, supporting each other to implement, embed and sustain a healthy environment for growth.
  • Ongoing access to our mental health community hub of psychotherapists, researchers and experts.

Step 1. Secure your place today by submitting a booking form with Terapia.

Step 2. Apply here for DfE grant funding of £1200 to cover the full cost of the training.

Quoting our reference number: SMHL012.


Terapia is one of the leading Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy and Counselling training organisations in the UK. We also provide highly specialised counselling, psychotherapy and bespoke mental health services for children, young people, parents, carers and families. We work with individuals, organisations, schools and the statutory and non-statutory sector.

Terapia’s SMHL training has been quality assured by the DfE and we are offering it to you.

Our course will equip you in the eight core outcome areas outlined in the DfE Green Paper; focussing on developing specific leadership and management skills that will promote a culture and structure that supports positive mental health and wellbeing in your school and college.

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Terapia’s SMHL Training Specification

Strengthening Positive Mental Health Provision for the Whole School or College Community.

Terapia’s SMHL training programme:

  • Is intended for colleagues with an intermediate level of experience.
  • Delivered across one year and can be extended by negotiation.
  • Includes one full day and two half days of face-to-face facilitated sessions over three terms.
  • Hosted at your local hub, or at our beautiful training and therapy centre in North London.
  • Each term there will be a 1.5-hour focused group forum and 1-hour individual coaching.
  • At the end of the year, you will have continued access to the established SMHL network of all the participants from all our groups around the country and abroad.
  • The minimum size of the training group will be eight SMHL colleagues and a maximum of 20.
  • The cost is £800 per person.

Core components of our training include a SMHL learning guide and reflective diary, the facilitated sessions, individual coaching and focused group forums.

Each participants specific context and personal experience will be utilised in developing shared skills and knowledge.

Your facilitators are highly experienced in both school leadership and management and adult training, as well as providing therapeutic support and guidance for children, young people, families and professionals.

If you have any questions regarding our SMHL programme, please contact Pamela Butler by email [email protected] or call Jonathan Block on 07795 297921.

To secure your place on Terapia’s SMHL Training you must complete a short application form (separate document attached) or submit an enquiry via our website; then apply to the DfE for your grant for senior mental health lead training, quoting our reference number: SMHL012.

Deadline for DfE applications: 25.10.2021


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