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MA Modules 2 & 3

Modules 2 and 3 comprise of all subjects related to counselling skills for children and adolescents.  This course is available as an evening or a daytime course.

Those who have successfully completed Terapia’s Module 1 or have previously trained in adult counselling to a minimum of Certificate level and one year in duration are able to apply to start at Module 2.  The next Module 2 cohort will begin in January 2021.


Core staff:

  • Daniel Stolfi
    PhD, MSc, MA, BA Hons, HCPC Reg.
  • Fiona Hoo
  • BBA, MA DMT, RDMP, Dip Sup LCP
  • Mairead Daly
    MA Child Psych, UKCP, MBACP
  • Ruth Appleby
    MA Child Psych, UKCPJess Skelton MA, UKCP
  • Diana Samuels
    CQSW, HCPC, MA Child Psych, UKCP
  • Andrea Katz
    Dipl Psych, Ba (Hons) UKCP 
  • Alix Hearn
  • Hanna Fisher
  • Zoe Weston
  • Richard Bagnall-Oakeley

Visiting tutors - Weekend seminars and Workshops

  • Sacha Richardson:
    Child Bereavement and Loss
  • Di Gammage
    Play Therapy
  • Martin Weaver
    CBT and NLP
  • Amalia Brightman
    Music Therapy & Working with Children with Special Needs
  • Lorraine Millard
    Sexual Abuse
  • Prof.Colwyn Trevarthen
    Neuroscience and Intersubjectivity
  • Amanda Dudley
    Art Therapy, Working with Groups
  • Christine Toft
    Addiction and Substance Abuse
  • Louis Sydney
    Working with Teenagers
  • Martin Butwell
    Working in a Multi-Disciplinary Placement
  • Jane Eddington
    Integrative Sand Tray
  • Guy Gladstone
    Process Weekends
  • Dimpi Hirani
    Introduction to Drama & Movement Therapy


We offer following professional accreditations and academic qualifications:

Middlesex University 

Currently there are three exit awards available to students:

  • Certificate in Adult Counselling Skills: 60 credits (Year 1)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Child and Adolescent Counselling: 120 credits (Year 2 and 3).
  •  MA in Child and Adolescent Counselling and Psychotherapist: 210 credits (Year 4 and 5).

All credits are transferable.


Entry Requirements

Candidates need to fulfil the following entry requirements:

Successful completion of a  Foundation, Certificate or Introductory course in psychotherapy, psychotherapeutic counselling or counselling in relation to working with adult clients of at least one year in duration.

Knowledge and understanding of major theoretical approaches to adult psychotherapy and counselling.

Basic psychotherapeutic skills to facilitate a psychotherapeutic process and understanding of core conditions of counselling and psychotherapy.

Previous experience in using counselling skills with peers or actual clients.

Commitment to personal growth and self development.

Experience of a minimum of one year of personal therapy (desirable).

Training Requirements

Written Assignments and Students’ Assessments

Details of written work and modes of assessments will be provided to students accepted on to the course.  This written work will be at a master academic level of competency.

Personal Therapy

Students are required to attend a minimum of 40 hours of personal therapy per training year with a UKCP registered psychotherapist.

Clinical Work

Students are required to complete 100 hours with clients of in Terapia’s approved placement.

Toddler Observation

Students are required to take an 18 months Mother and Baby Observation with a minimum of 60 hours.


Terapia provides weekly group supervision for all the required Toddler Observation and clinical work. For clinical work with children Terapia provides group supervision as part of the course. Students will need to have additional individual supervision, according to their clinical work load.



Programme over two years


  • Child Development
  • Toddler Observation Seminars
  • Working with Parents
  • Writing Case Studies
  • Transference & Counter-Transference
  • Working with Difference
  • Multi-disciplinary Work
  • Working with Special Needs
  • Clinical Supervision


  • Introduction to Drama Therapy and Movement Therapy
  • Elements of Art Therapy
  • Integrative Sand Tray
  • Working with Teenagers
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Sexuality in Adolescence
  • CBT and NLP

Process Weekend (Friday evening to Sunday)

  • Child Bereavement and Loss
  • Elements of Music Psychotherapy
  • Process Work (Friday evening to Sunday)

Practical Placements

  • Toddler Observation Studies (30 hours)
  • Clinical Placements with:
  • Primary age school (6-11 year old)
  • Adolescents (12 -18 year old)


Modules 2 and 3
Course Fees 2021

Terapia is a Registered Charity (Charity Number 1144041) and does not profit from course fees. Fees include all charges for tutorials, art materials and assessment of written assignments.

An initial,  non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place on this course.

Total Cost for the year

Less non-refundable Deposit

Balance to pay

One discounted payment of

Three instalments by term of

Twelve monthly instalments of

 £ 4,590.00

£     550.00

£ 4,040.00

£ 3,980.00

£  1,346.67

£    336.67


A fee is payable by all students to Middlesex University in each of the first two years of training at Terapia.  This fee is reviewed annually and is subject to change. The fee for 2021 is £ 784; the fee for 2022 may be higher.    There is a £ 40 interview fee.   Terapia reserve the right to adjust fees but will make every effort to keep increases as low as possible.

Course fees include all charges for the tutorials, course materials, art materials, weekly group supervision and assessments of written assignments. The cost of individual supervision session is not included in course fees.

Additional Costs:

Mini Viva £180 if taken in 2020

In the event of student’s change of personal circumstances resulting in difficulty in meeting financial obligation she/he should contact the course Director as soon as possible so that a mutually appropriate solution can be sought.  Late fees will incur interest.

If a student decides to withdraw from the training part way through the year, the full fees for that year are payable. If a student has been asked to withdraw from the training the fees payable are up to and including that term.

Students who completed the training but have not submitted the course work and not completed all course requirements will be charged an annual administration fee until they fully graduate.



Students who currently work with children or young people may choose to approach their employer to fund or part-fund the training, particularly if the skills acquired will directly contribute to their current job. Terapia will assist and support students wishing to make such applications.

International students can contact The British Council at for information on grants and scholarships.


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Equal Opportunities

Terapia is committed to promoting equal opportunities as a training organisation and as an employer. As part of our commitment to transparent, objective and fair procedures, we ask all our applicants to fill in the Equal Opportunities section.

Any information provided on this form will be treated in strict confidence.


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