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Foundation Year

This course is designed for candidates who have not previously trained in counselling or psychotherapy. It is required for candidates who are applying for the MA in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy at Terapia and have not undergone any prior basic training in adult counselling.

The training is self-contained and can also be taken by students in caring professions to develop their counselling skills with adults and give them a substantial theoretical background in theories and approaches to psychotherapy. This training can be taken by students from all walks of life who are interested in self-development and in supporting people with emotional difficulties.

This course (or an equivalent one-year course) is a pre-requisite for entry onto our MA in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy and Counselling programme. Our next Foundation course will begin in January 2025

Exit Qualification: Certificate in Adult Psychotherapy and Counselling (Terapia)


Course content

Foundation Year provides a thorough grounding in the major theoretical approaches to the field of psychotherapy and counselling. The practical and experiential component provides trainees with an understanding of the therapeutic process and equips them with a wide range of counselling skills with adult clients.


Theoretical component

  • We cover the major theories of psychotherapy, their background history and social/cultural contexts, the theories of personality from which they are derived, and applications to practice.
  • We focus on the four main modalities: Psychoanalytical/ Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Cognitive/Behavioural, and Transpersonal. We consider multicultural, gender issues and intersectionality within presented theories.
  • There are lectures on DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) to introduce conditions that are formally recognised as psychopathologies and mental health disorders.

Adult counselling skills practice

  • Skills practice sessions introduce the basic essential skills and techniques of adult counselling.
  • You will gain a wide range of therapeutic skills including appropriate counselling interventions, body language, use of voice, questions, touch and silence, understanding the personal and professional boundaries, assessments of suicide risk and working with unconscious processes and defence mechanisms.


Experiential learning and personal development

  • To enhance the learning and understanding of the practice of counselling/psychotherapy, we use case studies, role play and experiential activities to reflect how theories are linked to practice with a variety of clients.
  • Group Process (personal development group) will focus on engaging with your own process and interactions / dynamics within the group and your growing ability to gain self-awareness and reflect. Personal development is an important element of the training as well as learning about receiving / giving support and the development of trust, courage and humility.

Training Requirements

Personal Therapy
Students are required to attend a minimum of 40 hours of personal therapy, in person, throughout the year with a UKCP registered psychotherapist.

Written Assignments and Students’ Assessments
Details of written work and modes of assessments will be provided to students accepted on to the course.

The following attributes and personal qualities are required in those wishing to join courses at Terapia:

  • An intention, commitment and ability to undertake counselling and psychotherapy training at post-graduate level;
  • A commitment to self-development;
  • Ability to form relationships with others that are engaging, meaningful and respectful;
  • Personal integrity; attunement, resilience, creativity and ability to play;
  • Good personal and professional boundaries;
  • Self-reflection, including a willingness to stay with and work with difficult feelings. Ability to receive feedback and recognise own limitations;
  • A sensitivity to issues of diversity and equal opportunities. Awareness of prejudice and commitment to non-discriminatory practice;
  • Clear Enhanced DBS check.
Sacha Richardson
Sacha Richardson

Clinical Lead

Core Tutor

Asa Marks

Core Tutor

Edward Stopler

Family Constellations Tutor

Retta Bowen

MA Child and Adolescent Psych, BA (Hons), MA, UKCP

Addiction & Co-dependency Tutor

Faisal Mahmood

Gestalt & Intersectionality Tutor

Gretchen Precey

Safeguarding Tutor


Course Fees 2024
Foundation Year

Terapia is a Registered Charity (Charity Number 1144041) and does not profit from course fees. Fees include all charges for tutorials, art materials and assessment of written assignments.

We apply an £80 application fee, which is payable at the point of when you submit an application.  This fee covers the administration and interview costs associated with the processing procedure.  An initial, non-refundable deposit of £550 is required to secure your place on this course and that is deducted from your fees. Students who opt to pay their fees in full before the start of the academic year will receive a discount of £60, however students may choose to pay fees in monthly or termly instalments.

For a full list of fees, please click here.

In the event of student’s change of personal circumstances resulting in difficulty in meeting their financial obligation they should contact the Course Director as soon as possible so that a mutually appropriate solution can be sought. Late fees will incur interest. If a student decides to withdraw from the training part way through the year, the full fees for that year are payable. If a student has been asked to withdraw from the training the fees payable are up to and including that term.


Students who currently work with children or young people may choose to approach their employer to fund or part-fund the training, particularly if the skills acquired will directly contribute to their current job. Terapia will assist and support students wishing to make such applications.

International students can contact The British Council at for information on grants and scholarships.


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Equal Opportunities
Terapia is committed to promoting equal opportunities as a training organisation and as an employer. As part of our commitment to transparent, objective and fair procedures, we ask all our applicants to fill in the Equal Opportunities section.

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