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At Terapia we offer affordable and accessible therapeutic support on a self-referral basis. We work with children, young people, parents/carers, families and adults. Individual, group and family sessions are offered in our beautiful therapy rooms in the purpose-built psychotherapy and counselling centre, The Bothy.

Our low cost services are provided by psychotherapists in training who provide therapy to clients as part of their professional development, with the support of rigorous, regular, in-house clinical supervision with a Terapia supervisor.

Should you have any questions regarding our services, please get in touch. We are here to help. Our fees are designed to be as affordable as possible. View our fees here.

We welcome all members of the community and make every effort to cater for the individual needs of our clients whatever their background, religion, culture, ethnicity, gender, age, disability and sexuality.

We also provide contracted therapeutic services to schools and other organisations.

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Schools & Organisations

Terapia’s School Services delivers a wide range of specialist therapeutic services in primary and secondary schools, as well as other community organisations, to improve the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people, their families, parents/carers and the professionals working with them. We are also experienced working in pupil referral units, leaving care services and special educational needs schools, providing safe and effective support.

We use in-depth counselling skills and non-verbal techniques such as art, play, drama and music therapies in one-to-one sessions to enable children and young people to express themselves, work through difficulties, release anxiety and improve their self-esteem. We are also able to facilitate groupwork, school assemblies and staff training workshops.

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Sometimes a child can be distressed or upset and have no words to explain or describe what is happening for them. Often the way we behave or act expresses how we feel, even though we may not realise it. This is even more true for children, who may not have the words or experience to make sense of what is happening to them or others around them. It is hard to see a child you care about struggling and we are here to help.

We understand how to work with children to get beneath words, using fun and creative methods including art, play, puppets and sand tray therapy.

We can help the child to make sense of their world and how they experience it, supporting them to feel happier, fulfil their potential and be more able to enjoy their day-to-day activities at home and school.

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Young People

Growing from childhood to adulthood can be confusing, frustrating and scary. It can feel like no one understands. Sometimes it can be difficult to work out where to begin. Terapia can help.

We help young people cope with a wide range of issues including:

  • Feeling depressed or anxious
  • Managing difficult thoughts, feelings or behaviour
  • Distressing or traumatic events
  • Life changes such as bereavement, separation, moving, and illness
  • Difficult relationships with family, friends or others, including coping with bullying
  • Addictions including to gaming
  • Self-harm
  • Substance abuse

At Terapia we provide specialised therapy for young people. In other words, space and time to talk and support to find your own answers.

Our service is confidential, unless you or someone else is at risk of harm, in which case we would work together with others to keep you safe. We are here to help.

For more information call us on 020 8201 6101 or email [email protected]




Being a parent, carer or foster carer does not come with an instruction manual. Sometimes we could all use a little extra support to make sense of what is happening for us and for the young person or the child we care for.

We can help by referring you for reflective parenting. This will teach you a set of skills that encourage and support the use of reflective thinking in all the interactions you have with your child/children. It enables you to understand the world from your own perspective, but also that of your child’s.

For more information call us on 020 8201 6101 or email [email protected]



Everyone faces difficulties in their lives at some time or another. Sometimes these are generated by life events such as bereavement, job loss, illness or relationship changes. At these times it is common to experience distress which may be expressed in feelings such as anxiety, depression, or a loss of confidence and/or problems with work or relationships. Sometimes it is hard to understand the cause, we just know that we don’t feel okay, or we want to feel happier and more fulfilled.

Sometimes when we try to work things out for ourselves our thoughts or feelings seem to get stuck or be unhelpful or we just cannot see things clearly. Therapy can provide a space to explore and see things in a different way, helping you to make sense of your own experience, release and work through difficult feelings and live more fully.

Every stage of life can bring specific challenges and we provide therapeutic support to adults of all ages.

For more information about our Adult Services please get in touch with us on: 0208 2016101 or [email protected]



Whether issues seem to be affecting one individual or the whole of a family it can be beneficial to look at things from a family perspective. We will often work from a ‘systemic’ perspective which recognises and explores the interlinked connections of family members.

Sometimes this will involve family meetings with all or part of a family including parent and child sessions. At others it may involve working with an individual and supporting them to understand and explore things from a systemic perspective.

For more information about our Family Services please get in touch with us on: 0208 2016101 or [email protected]

Meet The Clinical Team

Sacha Richardson
Sacha Richardson

Clinical Lead

Pamela Butler
Pamela Butler

Head of Services & Development

Samuel Kutapan

School Services Manager

Whole School Approach Therapeutic Lead
Katy Wood

Whole School Approach Therapeutic Lead

Monika Grabinska

Whole School Approach Therapeutic Lead

HCP Therapeutic Lead
Daniela Pirlea

HCP Therapeutic Lead

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