Downloadable Resources

Introduction To Our Downloadable Resources

We have produced a number of varied resources and activities which for private individuals, community groups and schools to access.

These are in pdf format and therefore should be downloadable and printable from most computers and tablets.

Private Individuals/Parents/Carers/Children & Young People
Feel free to print off to enjoy these activities at home

Community groups/Schools
You may wish to use to form the basis of a group activity or lesson plan

We welcome visits from groups/schools to The Bothy, but request that these are pre-booked with sufficient notice at a mutually convenient time.

Important notice:
Some activities may require use of equipment such as scissors, ovens etc or other materials potentially harmful if not properly handled/used. We therefore recommend adult supervision of all activities and schools/community groups may wish to carry out their own risk assessments prior to an activity.

All the activities are intended to be fun and interesting for all ages. We hope you enjoy using them.

PDFs can open in the Browser window. To avoid this you can Right click on each thumbnail select “Save Link as..” to save to your Download Folder”

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