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Introducing our new Academic Co-Ordinator

Finding out a bit more about our newest team member Lisa…

1. How did you hear about Terapia?

I first learnt about Terapia whilst I was searching for a new job.  I had been in my previous role for 10 years, so I wanted to try something new and wanted to expand my skills.  I studied Psychology at university so have always had a keen interest in this area.  I had worked in a natural sciences setting for such a long time so was really excited by the idea of working for an organisation that was aligned with my own interests.

Whilst I was preparing for the presentation that was part of my interview process, I took some time to look through the Terapia website and learnt about the training that they delivered.  The more I learnt, the more I became interested in the organisation.  I was excited about how much of an impact the organisation and its trainees were making on the outside world and believed that this was the kind of rewarding role that I was looking for.

2. What encouraged you to apply for the role of Academic Co-Ordinator?

In my last role, I was a Programme Coordinator for a Physics PhD programme where I had to do a bit of everything (student recruitment, course management, finance management and event organisation).  It wasn’t until about three years ago when we started to run a one-year masters’ programme did I see that this was what I really enjoyed doing.  It was great to recruit and guide a group of students through the course and really rewarding to see them finish the course and graduate at the end of the year.  The Academic Co-ordinator role at Terapia is a good combination of what I found fulfilling in a job along with a subject that I was personally interested in and wanted to know more about.  

3. How are you settling in so far?

I’ve been part of the Terapia team for about 6 weeks now and I am really enjoying being here.  The team have been really welcoming, not to mention patient when I ask the same question again and again but I am pleased to say that I’m slowly getting the hang of all the different modules and year groups we have here as well as getting to grips with how the coffee machine works!

4. Please include anything you wish to add – hobbies outside of work etc. Outside of work – I love to read, trying my hand at some crafts (crochet, cross-stitching) and am a big fan of going to the theatre, especially musicals!

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