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Meet Terapia’s new Pastoral Support Tutor, Tasha Bailey

Terapia is pleased to introduce the new Pastoral Support Tutor, Tasha Bailey, who will be accompanying trainees through their journey from Module 2 to Module 5 of the MA Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy and Counselling Programme.

Tasha will be the person that every student can go to, whether that’s for support during the course, or with their personal lives. She will be there to help enhance their training journey and personal growth.

“I’m really looking forward to connecting with the students,” said Tasha, “I went through the training myself, so I understand the sweat and tears that goes into becoming a psychotherapist. I know that I can bring support and validation for those on that journey now.”

Tasha trained at Terapia, completing an MA in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy. Studying at Terapia appealed to Tasha due to the elements of play, music, art and drama that are included within the course structure.

“Terapia was one of the few places that sparked my interest due to how it uses play, metaphor and creativity [within the course] which is awesome. I’ve always been drawn to using creativity, music and art. I knew that when I became a therapist, I would definitely be helping people to use creative tools to express themselves. We can communicate so much more through metaphor and art than we can say in words. It feel both powerful and poetic.”

Tasha knew from a young age that she wanted to work in the field, her passion came from “growing up with mental health issues in my environment and wanting to understand what I can do to help families and children.”

Before joining the Terapia team, Tasha had worked as a psychotherapist in primary and secondary schools, including a school project manager role at Place2Be. She has also worked with young adults (aged 16-25) at a youth counselling centre. Outside of her new Pastoral Support Tutor role, Tasha now runs a successful private practice and is a freelance psychotherapist at The Self Space. She has a wealth of experience providing support for individuals living with complex trauma, cultural identity, imposter syndrome and anxiety issues.

Tasha is also a social influencer, content creator, writer and advocate who has been featured on a number of media outlets, including BBC Radio and Vogue. She has also collaborated with brands like Spotify & Universal Music to host mental well-being workshops. 

The role at Terapia came up at just the right time for Tasha; “A few months ago I was thinking that I would love a role like this [as a Pastoral Support Tutor]. Then it came up at Terapia and it felt like an alignment to where I am now. I grown passionate about connecting with those that are training and wanting to help the next generation of psychotherapists. It’s also beautiful to see Terapia’s evolution since I started my training, and I’m looking forward to being part of whatever comes next for the charity organisation.

“As a black female psychotherapist, I’ve not seen many women, or many psychotherapists like me in the therapy world and I really wanted to help make therapy training feel more culturally inclusive.” In addition to pastoral support, Tasha will also be teaching on Module 3, taking trainees through the topic of working with cultural difference.”

If you’re considering studying Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy, but are undecided, Tasha would advise trying the five-day experiential workshop at Terapia, ‘Introduction to Therapeutic Work with Children’, that takes place over the summer. 

“Try the introduction course and see how you feel, and I will be there [to meet you]. It’s okay to be nervous. Every new step will cause us to feel a bit nervous and unsure, and that’s okay. I would also suggest, absorbing yourself in books, podcasts and Instagram accounts which centre around therapy, mental health and creativity. You’re not only discovering a new career, but you’re actually learning so much about yourself.”

“Choosing to train as a child and adolescent psychotherapist was one of my best decisions. I’ve learnt how to work with children and adolescents, yet recognise every adult has an inner child and so I’ve learnt to work with everybody. It’s given me so many options in my career and in my growth.”

Welcome to the team Tasha! 

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