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One Tree, Many Branches

We are so delighted to announce the launch of One Tree, Many Branches: The Practice of Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy
Editors: Bozena Merrick and Di Gammage

To celebrate Terapia’s 20 year anniversary and all the wonderful things the organisation has achieved over the past two decades, we have worked with many of our past and present students to create One Tree, Many Branches.

The book contains twelve inspirational chapters on the practice of integrative child and adolescent psychotherapy in four parts: therapeutic holding, race and cultural identity, neurodivergence and differently wired brains, and systemic issues and working within the system.

Subjects discussed include ecopsychotherapy, autism, the lack of male psychotherapists, working with refugees, racial trauma, female genital mutilation, working in closed communities, and foetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

The book includes contributions from Audrey Adeyemi, Tasha Bailey, Kelly Brackett, Jamie Butterworth, Alix Hearn, Evania Inward, Irene Mburu, Sasha Morphitis, Magda Raczynska, Nadja Rolli, Zisi Schleider, and Anna Tuttle. 

It is due to be published in September 2023 with pre orders now available here.

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