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Supporting University Mental Health Day

On Thursday 3rd March 2022

University Mental Health Day brings together the university community to make mental health a university-wide priority and create ongoing year-round change to the future of student mental health. Celebrated on Thursday 3rd March 2022, we at Terapia stand with this cause.

No student should ever feel alone with their mental health. 

There are over 2.3 million students studying in UK universities, with many experiencing academic, social or financial pressures These pressures have by no means gone away over the past few years, but instead have been intensified by the coronavirus pandemic, making this year more important than ever. 

With an increasing number of students accessing support services, the severity of distress and mental illness in young people has seen more leaving university due to mental health difficulties, and even a rise in the number of student deaths by suicide. 

To show your support, join the movement this March. Share your experiences, the experiences of those around you, or those willing to share theirs online. Posting, reposting and commenting on these stories, using #UniMentalHealthDay will fight the stigma attached to the mental health sector and will spread the word wide and far. 

At Terapia, we believe that young people should be regarded as adults no earlier than the age of 21. Therefore, we would regard universities as being full of young people not adults. With this in mind, providing care and services for this vulnerable category continues to be of utmost importance. Whilst we will continue to raise awareness wherever we can, we want you to know help is available should you need it. Our Therapeutic Services team offer guidance to young people suffering with a wide range of issues. Our service is confidential, low cost and accessible on a self-referral basis. Click here to find out more.  

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